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Who owns the copyright to the artwork once a book cover is purchased?

The copyright will always belong to the artist who created it. We are selling you, the author or publisher, the right to use the cover art to represent the author and their book as you see fit.

Credit to Melchelle Designs for the cover design is REQUIRED under copyright law.

Are your book covers exclusive to the authors and publishers who purchase them?

Yes. Once a cover has been sold, it is removed from the site and never sold again.

Am I restricted on how many books I can sell if I use your cover art?

If you purchase a premade book cover, either ebook or print, there is NO RESTRICTION on how many books you can sell using our cover art. You may encounter some restrictions when opting for a custom design. Please email us for any details.

Will I have to pay further royalties to Melchelle Designs at any point after the initial sale?

No. If you purchase a book cover from us and end up selling millions of copies of your book, we will only be happy for you and your success. Of course, we wouldn’t mind a kind mention for the work we did. A book cover may attract readers, but a book’s success is based on the story and how well it was written.

Do you make book covers for erotica?

Our apologies, but we do not make cover art for erotica books.

Can I purchase a book cover to use for my erotica book?

If you find a premade book cover that you believe fits your book, then yes.

If I change my mind after a purchase has been made, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, given the item you purchased is digital and easily duplicated, it is impossible to offer a refund.

What is done with any personal information obtained by Melchelle Designs?

Nothing. We do not use or sell any of your personal information for any reason whatsoever. We value confidentiality as much as you do.



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Premade Ebook Covers

  • Start at just $25.00 USD (Prices Marked)

Premade Print Covers

  • Start at just $45.00 USD (Prices include separate ebook AND print book image files)

Custom Book Covers

  • Prices range based on request. To get an estimate, CLICK HERE

Banners, Headers, Widgets, & Profile Pics (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • $20.00 each (ask for package pricing for more than one)

Audio Covers

  • $25.00 USD each, with purchase of ebook or print cover

Author Photo Touch-Ups

  • $15.00 USD

Any other inquiries, please Contact UsCLICK HERE



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For any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You may use this form to inquire about web headers, banners, author photo touch-ups, etc.

If you’d rather not use the contact form below, you may email us at




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